Moving in Time

Demonstration DVD featuring another thirteen of Judy King's choreographies

Released September 2018


The Wave

Demonstration DVD featuring another fourteen of Judy King's choreographies

Released March 2016


Other People's Dreams

Demonstration DVD featuring fourteen of Judy King's choreographies, and a bonus dance from Mandy.

Released February 2015



By Arrangement

Demonstration DVD to accompany music recorded by Serendipity and Michel Duijves.

Released October 2013



Past and Present

Demonstration DVD to accompany Serendipity's first recording.

Released May 2012



Finely Tuned

Demonstration DVD with a mixture of traditional dances and modern choreographies.

Released March 2011



When I Open the Door ...

Demonstration DVD with dances choreographed or arranged by Mandy and Judy King, plus a couple of bonus dances.

Released March 2010



Crock of Gold

Demonstration DVD with all the dances from the highly successful Crock of Gold CD with original music by Linda Rhodes. Demonstrated by Mandy and a group of dancers.

Released May 2009



Join the Dance

Full-length DVD in which Mandy demonstrates all the dances from the Join the Dance CD, with the help of Judy King and a group of other dancers.

Released August 2007



Heart of the Wood

DVD in which Mandy and a group of dancers demonstrate all the dances from the Heart of the Wood CD.

Released October 2007