Do we need to wonder why there is such enthusiasm now for something which runs contrary to our fast-paced, lonely and competitive way of life?

When you barely know the people next door, what is the attraction of community dancing?

Contra dancers can tell you and so can square dancers and international folk dancers.

Dancing together creates community wordlessly and fast. What circle dance has that these other forms of folk dance do not, is a conscious focus on group awareness and on personal transformation.

We see our dancing as a moving meditation which embraces the wholeness of body, mind and spirit in the context of loving community, by using the rhythms of the natural world and the steps of ancient peoples, and - most importantly - with the sense of the sacred that was so much a part of their lives and which has almost no place in ours.

The dance repertoire draws on the rich traditional dances of the Balkans, Greece, Israel, Romania and Russia as well as the modern choreographies to all kinds of music from around the world - including contemporary music. To find a group in your area - or anywhere in the world - visit The Grapevine.