When I Open the Door ...

Choreographies by Mandy de Winter and Judy King

A demonstration DVD featuring 14 dances either choreographed or arranged by Mandy de Winter and Judy King, plus two bonus dances which they have introduced to the network. The dances are demonstrated by Mandy, Judy and a group of dancers showing both detailed moves and the overall pattern of the dance.

Released March 2010

A CD of the same name featuring all the music is available.

Price £15.00





1 When I open the Door in the Dark  
2 Ola Ta Aiskola  
3 Long Dance  
4 Queen of Heaven  
5 For Bali - Klezmer  
6 The Waulking Song  
7 Ani Le Dodi  
8 Peace and Power  
9 Veritat  
10 The Child Awakes with a Song  
11 Pie Jesu  
12 Air on the G String  
13 For Bali - Schubert  
14 Swaying  
15 Lioube  
16 Ngcwele