Past and Present

Traditional dances and modern choreographies with music played by Serendipity

A DVD to accompany Serendipity's first CD. All dances are demonstrated by a group of dancers, and where necessary, fine details are also shown separately by Mandy.

Running time: 1 hour 12 minutes

Released May 2012

Price £15.00





1 Înî Vîtuî  
2 Begrüssungstanz  
3 Tapu’ach Chinani  
4 Iz Banju Ide  
5 Ajde red se redat male  
6 Blessing Nigun
7 Valle e Dhardeš  
8 Melody Wood  
9 Sâbrali sa se sâbrali  
10 Syrtó Kalámia  
11 Zeleneye zhito  
12 Sissu et Yerushalayim  
13 Pomaško Širto  
14 Mi Yitneni Of  
15 Martin