Other People's Dreams

Fourteen dances choreographed by Judy, plus a bonus dance from Mandy de Winter

A demonstration DVD to accompany the CD of the same name. Mandy and Judy are joined by a group of dancers to show both the fine detail and overall patterns of the dances.

Running time: 1 hour 7 minutes

Released February 2015

Price £15.00





1 Leading Air  
2 A Espera  
3 Roots  
4 Waters of Babylon  
5 Listen to the Silence  
6 Toive
7 The Dancer Within  
8 Other People's Dreams  
9 Not Alone  
10 New Encounters  
11 B'shaim Hashem  
12 Walnut Leaves  
13 Sunrise, Sunset  
14 Pax Deorum  
15 Nigun