Crock of Gold

Original music and dances by Linda Rhodes and Mandy de Winter

A demonstration DVD featuring all the dances from Crock of Gold. The dances are all demonstrated by Mandy - many on her own with close-up shots of the steps, some with a partner and most also with a group of dancers to show the pattern of the dance.

Mandy also introduces each of the dances giving an insight into the inspiration both for the music and the dances.

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes.

Released May 2009.

Price £15.00





1 Jack o' Diamonds  
2 Turquoise  
3 Stardust  
4 The Hourglass  
5 Coals to Newcastle  
6 Crystal Clear  
7 Will of Iron  
8 Shifting Sands  
9 Point of Balance  
10 Copper Key  
11 Strata  
12 Rose of the Quartz  
13 Green and Golden  
14 Touchstone