By Arrangement

Traditional dances and modern choreographies with music played by Serendipity

A demonstration DVD to accompany the CD of the same name. Music for the 13 dances is played by Serendipity and Michel Duijves, and danced by a group of dancers. Where necessary, fine details are also demonstrated separately by Mandy and Judy.

Running time: 1 hour 7 minutes

Released October 2013

Price £15.00





1 Gentle Tsamikos  
2 Chiaroscuro  
3 Klezmer  
4 Kad ja podjoh na Bembasu  
5 Long dance  
6 Seren
7 Fall of the Tyrant  
8 Bosnian Lament  
9 Ga'aguim  
10 Hayamo  
11 El Ginat Ergoz  
12 Sandansko Horo Grz'koto  
13 Yedid Nefesh