Circle Dance CDs, DVDs and Books Available from Judy King

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Bernhard Wosien:Dances from 1965-1986 Judy King and Fido Wagler
Circle Dance Tunes Bob Minney
Dance for Hope - Music for Education - Volume 1 Judy King and Mandy de Winter
Dance for Hope, Music for Education- Volume 2 Judy King
Izvor - The Source - Volume 1 Yves Moreau, Mandy de Winter and Judy King
Izvor - The Source - Volume 2 Yves Moreau, Judy King, Mandy de Winter
Izvor - The Source - Volume 3 Yves Moreau, Judy King & Mandy de Winter
Journey of a Dancer by Bernhard Wosien (BOOK)Judy King
Odyssey Bob Minney
The Hymn of Christ- Song of the Soul- A danced Mystery Play (DVD)Maria-Gabriele Wosien